thang copy

I met Thắng a couple of months after our interview for an afternoon coffee and photo session.
We met before his photo with Jacques. It was an unusual Summer’s day in the middle of Winter. I was wearing a dress and suncream on my nose. He had a formal ‘i’m-about-to-get-photographed-by-a-professional’ outfit on.

We chatted about our bands, music, recording, gigs (or their lack of gigs – they are having a hiatus until their album is out). We sat in cubby-hole room upstairs in his favourite cafe – a living room for only two people, with interesting Korean statues and antique lamps. It was low-lighted and stuffy. I wanted to be outside but he was so relaxed and happy there I felt mean to move him!
– I’m writing this afterwards in a bar and two people are sitting down next to me – now I feel self-conscious! –
He ordered a pack of Camel cigarettes, they came on a saucer. He smoked them eloquently, smoothing his freshly-cut hair often. It was coming to rush hour, I was about to be late for teaching class. Jacques arrived. I left!