Thắng was our first interviewee. We recorded what has become our first episode before we knew our own format, had a name for the podcast or figured out that our sound quality is even better if we cover the wall of our make shift studio (Fabiola’s flat that is) with a proper duvet.

In the couple of month since this:


we have a. launched (yey), b. zoomed in on what this podcast is and will continue to evolve into and c. have decided to let people glimpse behind the audio.

We will be sharing photographs of our recording sessions, publish our ongoing internal discussions and hope our listeners will let us know what they think.

The Renovation Generation is a work in progress. This part of the site will give you an insight into how two freelancers with few resources and some fantastic friends happy to humour them when them ask them for interviews go about producing a podcast.


…and we put that duvet up for the recording of Episode #2!