About us

Eliza Lomas and Fabiola Buchele are the producers of The Renovation Generation.

Both have been Hanoi based for the last three years and been involved in various media projects in the art and culture scene of the city.


Eliza Lomas is a radio producer who in Hanoi has been working as an event manager for CAMA ATK and has contributed articles and podcasts about the world she works in for various media outlets.

Fabiola Buchele is the co-founder and managing editor of & Of Other Things, an independent, bi-lingual online publication for contemporary Vietnam. She also works as a freelance journalist in print and radio.

Trang Ngo gets The Renovation Generation out there through social media and creative content strategies. She worked for an international advertising company in Ho Chi Minh City and is now back in Hanoi where she continues to pursue her copy writing and teaches marketing at university level.

Trang Nghiem is our trusted adviser and co-producer. She has worked in various media outlets including radio and TV in her native Hanoi and France and currently runs one the cities finest café establishments Bohemia.

Maia Do is our research and productions assistant and good spirit. She is one of Hanoi’s finest humans and has just returned to her home town after completing a master in Teaching English as a Second Language in London.

Jacques Smit takes the portraits for The Renovation Generation. He is a Hanoi and Cape Town based freelance photographer. For more of his work visit his website pursuethewolf.com

Our cover art was provided by the Hanoi based artist Nguyễn Hoàng Giang of Episode #3. It is part of his Vina Kitsch series.



The Renovation Generation is a privately funded, independent radio podcast.

If you think that’s a worthy endeavour to put a coin or two towards we welcome your support here:


If you would like to find out how you can support the program and discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities get in touch at xinchao@therenovationgeneration.com

The days are early but as soon as we know who is tuning in and where they’re doing it from we will share the stats with you. What we do know is that we are wanting listeners in and outside of Vietnam who are looking for a more diverse narrative on what Vietnam is today, have an inkling that there is information about Vietnam missing in the press in and outside the country and who are more broadly interested in young people in the world today.