Sonic portraits of the young minds re-imagining Vietnam’s future.

In the backdrop of the 30th anniversary of Đổi Mới, the name given to the 1986 economic reform known as the ‘Renovation Policy’ that would transform Vietnam, we share portraits of those born after the reform was implemented.

We meet with graphic artists, hardcore metal stars, gallery curators, hip hop artists, poets, entrepreneurs and everything in-between.


#19 Suboi

A chat with the Queen of Rap about music, spirituality and being a woman in hip hop.

#15 Plaaastic

Emo style icon and Internet artist on online popularity and personal struggles.

#13 Xuân Lan

Viral cartoonist and English teacher on retaining the joy in doing what you love.

#12 Mew Amazing

Award winning music composer on adding depth to pop music and staying on message.

#10 Nam Lu

Café owner and poet on the struggle to find meaning in words and life.

#8 Danh Trương

Danh is one of Hanoi’s coolest skaters and runs her own skate shop with her girlfriend.

#7 Quyên Lưu

A sharp thinker walking a self determined, spiritual path with a spring in her step.

#4 Duong Bui

Meet the metalcore front woman who utters screams from hell and sings like an angel.

#2 Vũ Hồng Linh

This episode we talk to Linh: journalist, teacher and extremely kind soul.